Flexible Packaging

An average of 30,000 new packaged products are introduced each year. While that might seem like a lot, what’s even more impressive is the research, development, and market testing a business has to go through to make sure a product launch will be successful.

According to Entrepreneur’s encyclopaedia, Market Testing is defined as a way “to test multiple marketing scenarios and select the most promising for expansion. This could be conducted in various ways including focus groups, A B testing, surveys and trials.

Sometimes, testing can go on for weeks or months depending on a company’s budget and the urgency to release a product. With so many new products competing for market space, it’s more important than ever that businesses consider their packaging options and weight up the limitations they face.

Utilizing Flexible Packaging from CS Pouches

Flexible packaging is becoming more popular than ever, thanks to its ease of use, convenience, and the fact that it tends to be more environmentally-friendly than more traditional, outdated packaging options. In fact, flexible packaging is so popular that in the US, the demand for it is expected to reach nearly $250 billion by the end of 2020.

Whilst flexible packaging is wonderful for products that have already seen success, it’s also an excellent option for market testing and can save you time and money. At CS Pouches, we pride ourselves on helping businesses develop their packaging. We encourage companies to take advantage of our low minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) – This is especially advantageous for market testing because it allows businesses to order small amounts of packaging for testing on groups. Another advantage of low minimum order quantities means; that if a packaging design goes unused then less waste has been produced. Not only do we care about each one of our customers, but we care about the environment too!

We also offer the option to print multiple SKU’s in a single order, this means that you can print various designs of packaging for single products and conduct tests to find out which variation of design is the most popular with your customer base. Alternatively, it allows businesses to print packaging for a range of different products.

Digital Allows you to Change Your Mind!

Have you ever committed to a new product, design, brand concept and then suddenly it changes?  The investment involved with associated packaging is usually high and the cost of change is something that historically brand owners have wanted to avoid.  But, with digital print, the commercial risks with committing to a product design are only limited to a single production run.  If your brand or product changes, the cost to change packaging is limited.

We’ll Go Above and Beyond for Your Success

Because we care about every single project, you can expect superior account management from start to finish. We will guide you through the entire process, and can even help you develop your pouches so they look flawless! After all, you have expertly crafted your product, investing time and money into its development. We’re keen to relieve some of the heavy lifting that goes into the creation and design of the packaging because that’s what we do!

Additionally, we have a variety of accessories available that can help your packaging be as functional as can be. Zip seals, tear notches, euro slots, clear windows and rounded corners are some of the elements that truly give packaging its value, optimising it to the customers’ needs every step of the way.

Saving the Planet One Pouch at a Time

Finally, we’re happy to say that our process of creating pouches for packaging has a low carbon footprint. Our printers use non-toxic dry toner, meaning no harmful chemicals are present in our packaging. The compact nature of flexible pouches means they are easily transported and take us less room in landfills. Not only that, but we’re currently developing fully recyclable pouches, watch this space!

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Again, the flexible packaging industry is continuing to grow – and for good reason! If you have a product which requires the perfect packaging, then join the flexible revolution and give us a call on 01902 365840. Alternatively, you can email our team at sales@cspouches.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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