Transparent Windows for Pouches. Why are they Important?

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The main function of packaging is to sell the product within by telling a story. Whether this is through eye-catching visuals, colours or typography. Sometimes the best way to sell a product is through physically showing it to the consumer. Food products are a great example, to entice someone into buying a pouch full of sweets being able to see the sweets in question is more likely to sway the individual to purchase the product. So, why is having a transparent window important?

It Allows the Consumer to View the Product

The consumer being able to see the product is a massive advantage. Just having the reassurance to allow consumers to see exactly what they’re buying can give it a better chance of drawing attention away from other products on the shelf. For food packaging, seeing the actual product, instead of a photo can really wet the appetite. Often photos can lead to disappointment, but this is avoided with a window! Just think about how many times have you thought “that looks good!” when looking at snacks in the shops!

The consumer can see how much has been used.

Being able to measure usage is a huge plus point,  simply being able to see how much the contents is left without having to look inside pouch could be a massive convenience to some consumers, and also lets them know when they might need to make a trip to the shop to buy some more!

Sometimes, it’s a better option to stay away from transparent windows especially if that particular product isn’t much to look at. Eye-catching designs and visuals are a better way to go if this is the case, examples include electronic equipment such as cables that are so well universally known they don’t need to be seen physically to be sold.

Are there any specific materials that need to be used to apply a window?

Yes, a Clear PP material must always be used.


To conclude, transparent windows are an important addition to any kind of packaging for both the consumer and the manufacturer. It allows the consumer to put trust in the products they are purchasing and allows the manufacturer to showcase their products in the flesh.

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