Sports Nutrition / Protein – Single Servings or 1kg pouches – we can do it all!

Pouches for Dietary Supplements

Custom printed pouches are an innovative form of packaging and there are many benefits to using them for a wide range of products! In this blog we’ll look at some of the key reasons for choosing flexible pouches for your sports nutrition and protein products.

Enhance your on-shelf presence and your brand image with CS Pouches

Conveying the perfect sport's image has never been easier, with vibrant colour and sharp resolution, your product can easily stand out from the crowd. At CS Pouches we use state of the art Xeikon digital printers, capable of printing 60% faster than standard printing presses. Using these printers, we’re able to rapidly produce photorealistic images, edge to edge at 1200DPI (that’s double the industry standard!).

Unlike printed pouches, bucket or tub like supplement containers rarely feature edge to edge printing and they’re usually limited to basic colours like black or white tubs. Another way to really make your product stand out is by using metallics.  Make the most of high-barrier metallic material by giving you pouch a premium look!

CS Pouches Nutreelife

A Diverse Range of Sizes

Our flexible pouches are perfect for large protein powders, e.g. 1kg, as well as for on-the-go snacks and sachets. One of our recent clients Nutreelife, have been using CS Pouches to package their high-protein snack bites, and don’t they look great?

Multi SKU Manufacturing

Do you ever wonder how to launch multiple SKUs in a range whilst keeping manufacturing costs low? The answer is simple! Opt for Digital. At CS, we print and convert multiple SKUs in single runs. There are no plate charges so launching new flavours, or whole ranges has never been easier. Imagine being about to order 5000 of one type and 500 of 10 others and have them all bundled into one order and together. This means placing an order for the MOQ is much more achievable, affordable and valuable!

Accessorise Your Pouches

When ordering with us, you can choose the accessories that are featured on your pouches. Single-serve pouches do not require zip seals, however, for products like protein powders, including a zip-seal is essential.

Rounded corners remove pointy edges, this is more user friendly and also prevents pouches from tearing thin plastic shopping bags.

Tear notches make it much easier for people to open your packaging and come as standard along with euroslots, which allow you to hang your products in shops.

Our flexible pouches are constructed of high-barrier materials, which helps them to be fully effective as packaging for supplements or sports nutrition. Combining high-barrier materials with zip-seals will give your product ultimate protection from moisture, odours, and UV light. This helps to keep your products fresher for longer, ultimately increasing the shelf life.

Sustainable Packaging

When it comes to packaging your product, you need to think about how it reflects your brand’s ethos or commitment to the environment. By showing that your brand cares for the environment and actively taking steps to reduce waste, not only do you help the planet, but you also appeal to a wider audience! People won’t avoid using a brand because a company is trying to be more eco-friendly, however, people will avoid using brands that do seem wasteful.

A lot of the nutrition and supplement industry is consumed with large plastic tubs for protein powders and packaging for supplements. These bulky tubs take up a lot of space, not only in landfills but also on a store shelf, in a customer’s cupboard and whilst they’re being shipped.

Choose Custom Printed Pouches from CS Pouches

Minimum order volumes from CS pouches are inclusive of multiple SKU’s - meaning you can print varied designs even when you order small amounts! Not only that, but we’ll guide customers through their journey before even making a purchase!

So now you know, flexible packaging offers a better solution for a few reasons; it can save space, help your brand to stand out from the crowd and offers a more sustainable alternative to typical nutritional packaging. For further information on how CS Pouches can benefit your business, feel free to call our friendly specialists on 01902 365840, or drop us an email on Get the best out of your packaging with CS Pouches!

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