Seasonal Packaging: The Benefit of Bespoke Packaging

Seasonal Packaging CS Pouches

Seasonal based marketing is absolutely essential for brands. It allows companies to take advantage of events and traditions that are already taking place. While advertisements, social media campaigns, and seasonal content are standard at certain times of the year, the packaging of products is arguably one of the most important aspects of seasonal marketing.

Companies must get organised and plan ahead to successfully execute their seasonal packaging campaigns. As well as this, they should pay attention to competitors in order to see what other marketing efforts are working. When the BBC conducted a survey to find out people’s opinions on seasonal packaging, they weren't surprised to find that most shoppers supported the idea of seasonal packaging, you can read the article here.

One successful seasonal marketing decision can set your brand up for long-term success. Brands can become synonymous with particular times of the year. Take Coca-Cola, for example. While this is one of the most popular brands in the world, it is known for its legendary Christmas adverts. Their branding fits in perfectly with the Christmas theme, with the red and white colouring. John Lewis is another example of a brand that has become closely associated with Christmas. Their marketing team produces stunning advertisements every year that never fail to go viral.

Adopting seasonal packaging this Christmas

Product packaging holds a number of key roles, from practical to promotional. Firstly, the packaging is used to protect products. Its most basic function is to keep a product safe and to prevent it from being damaged until long after the customer picks it from the shelf.

At the very least, packaging, such as CS pouches must be strong, durable, and reliable enough to protect the items inside.

Once your product is protected and safe, the next most important role it has is to promote your brand. The packaging must stand out from the competition and draw in customers walking past the many other items in a store.

Should you opt for a box, bag, pouch, tin, or tube? Do you want the product to be visible from the outside? What colour scheme should you choose? There are several key choices for companies to make regarding their branding.

You must always keep your customer in mind and concentrate on establishing a fresh, memorable, and relatable brand.

Seasonal packaging gives you a new opportunity to make your product stand out by associating your brand with traditions that your customers know and love. It allows you the chance to try something new and put a fun spin on your usual packaging.

Custom printed pouches

CS pouches provide customisable pouches for packaging. Our flexible pouch options can be digitally printed as you please, optimising your branding and perfectly fitting your product. Our high quality (1200 DPI) edge to edge printing allows us to produce a new look, limited edition seasonal packaging, without sacrificing any quality.

Our pouches come in a variety of constructions, (eg stand-up pouch, doy, Kseal and 3-sided seal), sizes, materials, and styles. What’s more, minimum volume orders are inclusive of multiple SKUs. If you hadn’t thought about limited edition packaging before, now is a perfect time.

If you want to experiment with your custom, bespoke packaging, there are various accessories and adaptations that you can make to our pouches. Zip-seals, rounded corners, Euroslots, tear notches, and windows with clear materials are fantastic packaging options.

With Christmas fast approaching, take advantage of the fully customisable packaging options at CS pouches. Plan your custom bespoke packaging today, and reap the rewards this holiday season. For more information on how CS Pouches can bring the gift of seasonal packaging to your brand; get in touch by calling 01902 365840 or by emailing

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