Need a fully-recyclable packaging solution?

We'll be officially launching one soon!

CS' range of flexible pouches already has one of the lowest carbon footprints for packaging. By combining manufacturing-to-demand, digital print processes, and now fully recyclable materials, this solution is one of the most sustainable packaging types available in the market!

2020 Website Earth R1

Fully-recyclable along with general paper waste


100% plastic free


Manufactured in BRC and ISO9007:2015 accredited facilities

CS Pouches Earth Range - AVAILABLE SOON!

The new Earth Range consists of 3 FULLY-RECYCLABLE materials.  White, Clear and Kraft.

Each material in the range has it's own unique construction, qualities and barrier properties suited to varying contents.

Sizes range from 50x60mm to 200x244mm and can include tear notches, windows (for Recyclable Clear), and euro-slots.

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CS Pouches Earth Range

Recyclable White

The opaque-coloured paper material is made from wood-pulp sourced from sustainable managed plantations and offers the following features:

  • standard barrier coating
  • heat sealable
  • compatible with Doy, K-Seal and 3-sided seal pouch types
  • suited to food and non-foodstuff contents including nuts and bolts, pet treats, oats, gel capsules etc

Recyclable Clear

This coated clear/translucent paper, suited to 3-sided seal pouches offers the following features:

  • high barrier inner coating
  • heat sealable
  • grease and moisture resistant
  • fantastic OTR(oxygen transmission rate) and a good MVTR (moisture, vapour transmission rate)
  • suited to food and non-foodstuff contents including soft sweets, tablets, powders, natural oils etc

Recyclable Kraft

This coated paper often comes in a textured natural wood-grain colour (like craft paper).  It is the most durable material in the range offering the following features:

  • high barrier inner coating
  • high resistance to grease and moisture 
  • heat sealable
  • available in all three Doy, K-Seal and 3-sided seal pouch types
  • compatible with migh moisture contents as well as dry, such as food and non-foodstuffs

"The commercial advantages and sustainable properties of this range are incomparable.
Combining all of the advantages of food-safe, high-definition digital print,
allows brand owners to deliver thier products using both high quality and sustainable packaging."