Printed Product Packaging: Why Go Digital?

Printed Product Packaging

As a business owner, you will appreciate that, when it comes to winning over new customers, first impressions are everything.

With product packaging designs that are both eye-catching and easy to read, you will do much to win over customers who are looking to buy a product like yours. But why choose digital printing over analogue methods?

You Can Reduce Turnaround Time

When you want to get your product into stores (including your own online store), do you really want to wait months to have your packaging manufactured and delivered? No, you want to get your product out there as soon as possible, as the sooner it’s available to buy, the sooner you will start to profit your business.

Prited Pouches Panckaging

Benefit from High Quality Design

When your product pouches are on the shelves, you want customers to be impressed by what they see. With the accurate colour reproduction of high-quality graphic designs that high definition, 1200 dpi digital printing can offer, both you and your customers will be wowed by the final result.

Also, as your visual brand image is vital when differentiating your business from that of your competitors, you can be assured that your product will stand out on the shelves when you opt for quality designs that only digital printing can produce.

Make Changes Without Additional Costs When Using Digital Printing

As it's easy to tweak designs using digital tools, there is also less room for human error, so any mistakes on your first product packaging sample can be rectified quickly. This can be done without any additional cost on your part, and as digital printing is known for its efficiency, you won't have to wait for an age for your packaging to be updated.

You can also make changes on the fly when you want to include new information on your product or make alterations to your marketing approach.

Printed Pouches

Digital Printing Makes Short Run, Seasonal and Promotional Packaging Possible

With digital printing, you can take advantage of short runs for promotional and seasonal packaging without having to place a large order. From limited-time promotions during holiday seasons to marketing to a theme that suddenly starts to trend, you can quickly order what you need for the different markets you are trying to reach.

Experiment with small batches*, and if your design doesn't work for you, you can quickly order the changes you need to ensure you remain within your marketing window.

Digitally Printed Recycle Pouches

Digital Printing Is Environmentally Friendly

It’s the duty of every business to 'think green' as there is a need to take greater care of the planet around us. Your customers will be aware of this too, and they will be taking note of what your business is doing to help save the planet. When using digital print for packaging, you can add to the green measures that you are already taking. Sustainable benefits include:

  • Fewer emissions
  • Less energy consumption
  • Reduced risk of wasted inventory
  • Less storage required as you can order to demand
  • All our Xeikon toner is manufactured using solar power
  • We operate a highly energy-efficient site and are certified with zero-to-landfill

In our bid to support our low-carbon values and our customer’s green credentials, we ensure our products are all manufactured with sustainability already considered in every stage, even with plastic products.

Custom Printed Pouches with CS Pouches

At CS Pouches, all of our pouches are manufactured in -house. This ensures that we manufacture high-quality, customisable pouches that truly reflect your brand’s image. We can also ship internationally if needed, meaning you won’t need another pouch manufacturer overseas.

With several constructions, including stand-up pouches, Kseal, and 3-sided seal, you can choose what better serves the needs of your product. Also, you can experiment with custom, bespoke packaging along with the various adaptations that you can make to the pouches you order. Zip-seals, tear notches, Euroslots, rounded corners, and windows with clear materials, are just some of the fantastic packaging options you can choose when deciding on your order.

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