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When you think of custom printed pouches for protein powders, you should be thinking of CS Pouches. We're the UK-based company you can trust when you need the ultimate in exceptional printed pouches for your business. Why are we the right company to choose? It's because we're dedicated to providing the very best service for the very best prices, every time.

All of our pouches, including our nutrition, lifestyle and protein powder pouches, are BRCGS accredited to AA food as well as being ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 accredited. For more information, contact us today to discuss your needs, or read on to find out more about how we can help with your protein packaging needs.

Pouches: The Perfect Nutrition & Lifestyle Packaging Alternative

Why are so many brands turning to pouches for their powdered protein package needs? The answer is that those who care enough about their bodies to enjoy protein powders and know how much they can be of benefit are the same people who care deeply about the waste that is often found in protein powder packaging. Surprise your customers in the best way by showing them you care too and by offering them sustainable, recyclable, attractive protein pouches.

Designing Your Nutrition, Lifestyle & Protein Powder Pouch Packaging

So that your protein pouch packaging can be truly unique, CS Pouches offers every client the chance to design their very own protein powder pouch packaging. In this way, you can have exactly the right branding message on your packaging, exactly the right logo, exactly the right information. You can be sure that as well as keeping your protein powder and nutritional supplements protected, the fantastic protein packaging you design will also be eye-catching and relevant. Simply speak to the experts at CS Pouches to find out how to start the design process.

Legal Requirements

Don't forget, when you are designing the packaging pouches for your protein powders, certain pieces of information must, by law, be included. Food supplements must be regulated the same way as food in the United Kingdom. They are therefore subject to the requirements of general food legislation. Click here to learn more.

The Benefits of Using Pouches to Package Supplements

Stand-up pouches are the most versatile and flexible kind of packaging, allowing you to tailor the shape, size, and materials to your exact product needs. Pouches are also lightweight and take up less room, so you might even find your customers buy more of them at a time, increasing your profits. It takes far fewer resources to make supplement packaging in the form of pouches, especially compared to plastic tubs and tins. They also reduce your brand's environmental effect by lowering their carbon footprint during transit and creating less waste during disposal.

Protein Pouches: Why Use Them?

Why use a protein pouch when there are other options available? This kind of protein packaging is cost-effective and has an immediate influence on customers in a retail setting. Smaller producers can compete well against household names in crowded markets simply by choosing this exciting way to showcase their protein powders.

Protein Pouches Vs. Tubs

The biggest reason why it’s far better to store and sell your protein powder in pouches compared to tubs is that you want your products to be of the highest quality when it reaches the end-user. Pouches are seen by many as the sustainable alternative to traditional plastic tubes.

Digitally printed pouches are lightweight and flexible, making storing and transporting them easier, resulting in a notable reduction in the amount of CO2 emissions typically produced during the logistics process, which in turn, leads to a reduction in your carbon footprint. Pouches are also a cost-effective alternative. This is because protein tubs will usually require a printed label or sleeve, which is an additional cost not found with digitally printed pouches.

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For the ultimate in protein pouch design and sales, contact CS Pouches today. We have the experience and knowledge you need to help you make the right choice for your brand.

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