How Printing Abroad May Affect the Cost of Packaging Your Products In 2021

Packaging Your Products In 2021 - Food Pouches

It’s not only the product you sell that wins new customers and retains existing ones; it’s also how the product is presented along with the overall service. That is why it’s so important to get the packaging correct. To ensure customers receive packaging worthy of the product, you need to find a viable producer.

Often companies go abroad to design product packaging. Outsourcing packaging to overseas companies seems cheaper and looks to give your company a better bottom line. But outsourcing packaging overseas is risky. There are hidden costs involved, and it can result in a substandard product that affects the quality of your brand.

Increased Transportation Costs

When researching your packing options, you might discover that digital print for packaging abroad is cheaper. Since most business people go with the lowest costs overall, many companies choose overseas packaging. The trouble is there are associated costs you need to factor in depending on the type of packaging you use.

If your product is being made, packed and distributed around the UK, then using a UK manufacturer for your packaging is usually the most efficient resource. With challenges like Brexit, sourcing an international supplier may be limiting your quality and cost savings.

One of the most significant additional costs is transportation. This isn’t usually considered when given an initial quote, but it can make a substantial difference to the final cost. For example, your packaging might be cheaper to produce in other countries but remember to factor in transport costs and tariffs.

Increased Costs for Lower Quality Materials

When it comes to printed packaging, there are several options. You could go with a flexible packing style such as a flat bottom flexible box bag, a corrugated box, a digitally printed pouch or a fancy paperboard box. They're all excellent options for high-quality packaging that can be produced at home.

It might seem counterintuitive to pay more for domestic production, but you can be sure that your packaging is made from high-quality materials produced with integrity. In addition, you might find that orders from overseas are produced using cheaper materials that can have a knock-on effect on your brand.

Cost Of Fixing Packaging Errors

Printing your packaging overseas might seem cheaper and more sensible at first. However, when you look at your bottom line, there is a big difference when you outsource this aspect of your business. However, other factors are considered, such as overall cost, communication, and brand reputation.

Working with overseas outsourcing companies might make your bottom line look healthier on paper; the reality is that it can be more expensive than a domestic service when you factor in transport costs and packaging errors. In addition, errors are harder and more expensive to fix with an overseas handler.

Longer Production Process

Outsourcing your custom product packaging, such as printed pouches, to an overseas company might also affect the efficiency of your business. Slower production processes and longer transport times means you are less able to get your product to market. It also increases the chance of bottlenecks and inefficiency in your production line.

Conversely, when you partner with a domestic packaging production company, you have greater confidence in the materials they use and their handling times. As a result, errors can be resolved more quickly, and communication channels are more efficient. Companies often see these as strong advantages for domestic product packaging.

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