Flexible Pouches: Is Your Existing Supplier Actually Making Them?


Every company is unique and has varied approaches to business operations. What works well for one establishment may not necessarily be helpful to the other. For example, some suppliers choose to outsource while others manufacture in-house to produce flexible pouches for their clients. Even though the United Kingdom makes an annual income of £192 billion from manufacturing, it depends more on offshore outsourcing. However, in-house and onshore manufacturing has many advantages which could play a role in your existing supplier’s productivity. The two modes of making flexible pouches (outsourcing and in-house) are discussed further below.

Many Pouch Suppliers or Manufacturers Outsource

7 out of 10 UK companies outsource various tasks to third parties, representing more than 70% of businesses across the country. Fortunately, this has enabled many of these entities to focus on other crucial areas of their businesses. For example, when an enterprise outsources pouch printing, it can concentrate more on revenue generation and intensify its marketing strategies.

However, when outsourcing a part of your manufacturing to a third party, be sure they (the third party) are not doing the same. Ensuring this will help prevent confidentiality issues, quality control and of course cost savings! Of course, using a Trade supplier may be beneficial, but it is advisable to ask the right questions.


How to find out if your supplier is actually making your pouches?  5-questions to ask:

  1. Do you manufacture the pouches in-house?
  2. Is it possible for an on-site visit?
  3. Can you send me imagery/videos of your technology?
  4. Can my job be captured in a video for me to use for PR or even possibly a live feed of my job being manufactured?
  5. What quality procedures are applied to my job?
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Quality Control

A notable disadvantage of outsourcing is the possible threat of poor quality. In the retail world, quality maintenance is vital for lasting success. This is a significant worry for many business owners, especially when they have to outsource their pouch printing. Even though many businesses choose to outsource, no entrepreneur wants to risk damage to their brand image.

When companies outsource their production, they do not directly influence the pouch manufacturing entity, which increases the risk of reduced quality. Subsequently, this can lead to losing customer loyalty and revenue. Additionally, outsourced pouch manufacturing does not offer the hiring party the flexibility to adapt to market demand when expected. As a result, this may slow down business growth.

Why an in-House Pouch Manufacturer is Better for Visibility and Control

Manufacturing your pouches in-house presents your enterprise with many benefits. First and foremost, you have absolute control and visibility from artwork staging and production from start to finish.

Moreover, you can attend to customer demands quicker and offer bespoke services without the extra charges that usually come with an outsourced company. Communication channels are also faster and more effective when you have the opportunity to manufacture in-house. For example, if printing on pouches needs to be revised, the information flow is quicker, internal, and worked on as soon as required, cutting out the back and forth that an outsourced option would have presented.

Regardless of the debates surrounding in-house and outsourcing, the former is more beneficial to your business. For starters, it offers flexibility, better quality, enhances production control, decreases management costs, etc. Most importantly, it provides a convenient platform to handle internal PR issues better. Additionally, you do not have to deal with the suspicion of whether or not a supplier is true to their word and manufacturing your product themselves.

Inhouse vs outsource flexible pouches

Printed Pouch Quality Control is Much More Apparent When not Outsourced

From all the positive reasons associated with in-house outsourcing, better quality control tops the list. No credible business wants their product to be described as sub-quality or below standard, and that is the main factor driving heightened in-house attention. When manufacturing is done in-house, more attention is paid to detail; you can follow stricter compliance and better pouch quality control checks.

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Which one is Best for your Printed Pouches? Outsourcing or in-House?

Knowing which option is best for you will depend mainly on your business model and other significant factors. It would help if you started with a cost-benefit analysis to give you tangible evidence on whether outsourcing makes financial sense. Additionally, knowing whether an outsourcing or in-house option is best for your establishment will depend on a need to fill a skill gap.

Most importantly, it is worth noting that you should never outsource tasks directly connected to your business’ competitive advantage. As a growing business, it is best to opt for in-house manufacturing over hiring a third party to make your flexible pouches, to enhance productivity, quality and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Does your current pouch supplier always live up to the high standards of quality your business demands? If not click here to find out the 5 reasons why CS is the best supplier for pouches across the UK and why you should consider them. Or check out our case studies to learn why our customers chose us!

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