5 Inventive Uses for Flexible Pouches

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Pouches offer a wide range of advantages and benefits in comparison to the more traditional forms of packaging. Pouches can be used to contain foods, nuts and bolts, plant seeds and bulbs, pet treats, toys and much more. In this blog, we will look into five different things pouches are used for and the benefit of using pouches in each case.

1. Food

If you walk into any supermarket or convenience store, you are likely to see pouches containing different foods, ingredients and spices. There are a lot of reasons as to why companies are switching to using pouches for their food products.

One of the most obvious reasons being that pouches keep their product fresher, in turn, extending the products shelf life for longer. This is thanks to the layers of film that are laminated together and used on pouches; helping keep things such as moisture, dust, oxygen and UV light from entering the packaging. This creates a barrier that is not only durable but also gives a great protective barrier for the product. All this combined helps to keep in the freshness and nutritional potency of your product.

2. Nuts and Bolts

Just like food pouches, you can walk into most hardware stores and find products like nuts and bolts in pouches, and there’s a good reason for this.

Pouches are stronger and sturdier than traditional forms of paper packaging, meaning they can hold a greater quantity of product without the risk of the pouches being damaged. Thanks to this handy benefit, you can say goodbye to having to use huge packages for your product, allowing you to cut down on the materials you use for your packaging, which in turn cuts down on the cost of your packaging.

The other advantage is that you can offer smaller amounts of hardware accessories. So rather than the consumer needing to buy a big box of 1000 nuts and bolts, and creating excess, and ultimately waste, flexible pouches are perfect for smaller contents in smaller volumes too! Perhaps a consumer wants 20 sets but in 5 different sizes. This is the perfect solution and brings added value as ultimately their spend may be higher.

3. Plant Products

Whenever you visit a garden centre, you will find plant products such as plant seeds and bulbs contained in pouches.

Similar to the pouches used for food products, the protective layers that are added to the pouches help to keep the seeds and bulbs inside protected from the outside elements like UV lights, moisture, dust and oxygen.

Also, unlike the traditional plastic and paper packaging that normally used; stand up pouches offer you the ability to use high-definition print. Why not use vibrant, colourful pictures to make your plant products unique and stand out from the competition. Literally and metaphorically.

4. Pet Treats and Toys

There are lots of different pet food brands out there, and the majority of them have started to utilise pouches because of their versatility. This is because it’s not just about making your packaging look good; it’s also about keeping the contents inside fresh regardless if your product is pet food or treats, as well as keeping your pet toy products safe and damage-free.

Is your pet toy new to the market? Why not give instructions on your packaging! With digitally printed pouches, you can utilise 100% of the surface area to print pictures and text in full, high-definition colour.

5. Toys and Crafts

As a toy manufacture, you want to ensure that the packaging you use is up to the same high standard as your product. That’s why a lot of toy manufactures are switching from the traditional packaging options to pouches.

Pouches are ideal for small toy pieces like little army characters, Lego bricks, sticker packs and much more. Pouches are lightweight, are easy for children to open, and can be affixed onto magazines without adding too much weight. Another reason why toy manufactures are making the switch is that it gives them the ability to utilise digital print as well as Including viewing windows on your pouches allowing you to show off and entice buyers with imagery of what your product pouch includes.

All for Pouches; Pouches for All

At CS Pouches, we have the ability to manufacture pouches that have unique features as well as an engaging design that will help your product draw attention. This thanks to the wide range of features we offer; you can add accessories to your pouches for them to be placed in multiple places around a store on shelves as well as Eurohooks. Positioning your product placed at point of sale (POS) areas like tills etc; where there aren’t usually shelves gives added exposure. Combining this with high-quality printing, you will have a packaging solution that creates excellent appeal generating greater visibility for your product.

We are always looking at new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and how we can make our pouches as environmentally friendly as possible. This is thanks in part to the processes we use; enabling us to manufacture sustainable, reliable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly pouches. From a customer’s perspective, knowing that your business is going above and beyond to ensure the packaging you’re using is as environmentally friendly as possible will not only help encourage positive sentiment for your brand, it will also instil trust within your current and potential new customers that by purchasing your product, they are making a small difference to improving the environment.

Ultimately, pouches can be used for a lot of different products in a wide range of industries, giving you the ability to create packaging for your product that captures and draws in the buyer’s attention, as well as protecting your product so that it is in the best condition possible.
Want to find out more about our pouches and how they can help promote your product? Then feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of the CS Pouches team today on 01902 365840 or you can send us an email using sales@cspouches.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

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