Ever considered flexible pouches for your chilled products?

Flexible Pouches for Chilled Food Packaging

Fitting your weekly shop into the fridge/freezer can sometimes feel like playing Tetris on hard mode. Bulky boxes taking up space, peas spilling everywhere and a mystery meal wrapped up in a freezer bag seem all too familiar. There are many ways to approach organising your freezer, you could get stuck in with some gloves and take the time to re-arrange, re-package all the bulky items and write on tubs. But, wouldn’t life be easier if the food you bought was already packaged in a compact, re-sealable, clearly labelled package?  Well, here at CS Pouches we have the perfect solution…

In this blog, we’ll look at some reasons that make flexible pouches absolutely perfect for the freezer!

Compact Yet Visible

The two most common types of packaging found in the chilled section are either cardboard boxes, plastic tubs or oversized plastic bags. Now, cardboard boxes may be better for the environment but they take up loads of room and their contents are often re-bagged to make space. Plastic bags are fairly compact but they rarely feature a sealable edge meaning that loose contents often make their way to the bottom of the section. Swapping your regular food boxes and bags for flexible pouches such as food-safe CS Pouches solves any issue of space and seal-ability! What’s more is that we can print our pouches edge to edge, and with a super high-quality print of 1200 DPI!

Sustainable Packaging

At CS Pouches we pride ourselves on offering a sustainable solution to packaging. Flexible pouches offer the lowest carbon footprint in comparison to other forms of packaging. This is due to flexible pouches requiring fewer materials and less energy to manufacture, we even convert and print the packaging in-house, further making it even more sustainable.  The compact and lightweight nature of flexible pouches means it’s is possible to transport high volumes, it also means that the packaging takes up less space in landfills.

What Sort of Food Pouches are Available?

Flexible pouches are perfect for storing a wide range of foods as they’re available in smaller and larger sizes (holding capacities vary from 50g to 750g or 100ml to 3000ml). Not only that, but our pouches can include features like:

  • Zippers, the best way to re-seal packaging!
  • Curved corners, to protect other products from tearing.
  • Euroslots, perfect for hanging products on euro hanging hooks.
  • Tear notches, making it much easier to open the pouches.
  • Clear windows. Allowing the customer to see the product before purchase is a great selling point.

We manufacture three types of flexible pouch, all of which can include the previously mentioned features. The three types of pouch we offer are:

  • Doy Style pouches, which feature a raised domed bottom gusset. Perfect for lighter products that need some assistance standing upright.
  • K-Seal pouches, these include a gusset that isn’t domed and angled corners, suitable for heavier products.
  • Three-sided seal pouches, these have no gusset but are the most economic pouch.

When ordering from CS Pouches, our minimum order volume is inclusive of multiple SKU’s, meaning that you can print multiple designs. This is obviously very handy for varying products, location-based packaging design, or market testing!

Help Us Help You!

If you have a product and aren’t completely happy with its packaging, get in touch with our experts! No matter what stage your project is at, we have a wealth of experience and just love seeing other brands thrive. Even prior to purchase, we’ll support companies and guide them through their journey.

Give us a call on 01902 365840 or email us at sales@cspouches.co.uk. Bring your project to life with CS Pouches!

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