Does your packaging need a redesign?

The marketplace is an ever-evolving landscape, consumer trends and expectations drive huge amounts of sales. For this reason, it’s important as a manufacturer to stay relevant and adapt your brand to be successful. Some would argue that advertising leaves the biggest impression in people’s minds, however, a product’s packaging is ultimately your brand’s final touchpoint between a supermarket shelf and a customer’s shopping basket. Ultimately, the presentation of your product should be enticing, up-to-date and informative. Here we’ll discuss 9 design considerations that will help your packaging achieve its full potential:

1. Trends Change

Keep in mind what your competitors are doing and where packaging trends are heading. Not only will this show you what the standard approach is, but it will also give you insight as to what is currently popular with consumers – This by no means compels you to follow the current trend, strive for originality where possible, but always be aware of the evolving norm around you.

2. Know Your Customers

Think about the audience invested in your product. For example, a product in pink packaging is more likely to attract an exclusively female audience. Market segmentation allows brands to identify the demographics which are likely to purchase your product. Segmentation research can also highlight valuable marketing opportunities which were previously unknown.

3. Advertise Eco-Friendly Practices

Consumers are far more educated about their impact on the environment these days. Showing that your brand cares about its eco-footprint is a good way to build consumer loyalty and trust. Demonstrate your commitment by using sustainable resources and innovative waste-reduction measures, such as resealable and re-fillable packaging.

4. Clarity on What’s Inside

Consumable products need to be especially transparent these days. Consumers are interested to know the nutritional value of their products, as well as the types of ingredients (or lack of) used during production. Vegan and gluten-free consumer bases are growing in a way they weren’t ten or twenty years ago, so clearly displaying any information on your packaging to attract these groups will serve you well. Icons are a fairly discrete yet easily identifiable way of doing this.

5. Use Creative Designs

Most brands go with a simple square or circular designs. To stand out, consider using creative design ideas that are unique to your brand. Using clear windows in packaging is an excellent way of showing consumers the product they are buying and it also offers an opportunity for creativity. Look at Haribo sweets packaging for an example of graphics overlaying clear window packaging.

6. Show Your Product’s Evolution

Updating graphics and information to reflect changes communicates your commitment to developing a better product. A common example of this is simply including the word ‘NEW’ on the packaging. Consumers invested in your brand will likely try new offerings.

7. Your Brand is Better Established

Perhaps your products are so successful you’ve decided to branch out and include more variations in the same line. This is an opportunity to try new colours but keep to the basic design formula. Think of Coca-Cola diversifying into Diet Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero, each product is clearly related to the other, yet they’re all easily distinguishable.

8. Your Designs Are Dated

Outdated packaging designs reflect a lack of care to keep up with modern trends. Keep designs fresh to ensure consumers think your product is still relevant.

9. Seasonal Specials

Considered switching up your packaging design for the festive season? Perhaps you’re bringing out a temporary line of seasonal specials. Use festive designs to make these stand out from your regular stock. For example, Mr Kipling’s Halloween special fondant fancies are a festive orange colour to match the occasion.

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