Why They’re PERFECT for PPE Kits and or Masks

PPE kit

Many key workers are choosing to carry PPE Kits, packed with face masks, gloves, tissues, goggles, aprons and hand sanitizer wipes or gels. This kit all needs to be stored safely and securely to ensure it remains hygienic, and help prevent the spread of the virus. A packaging solution which is rapidly growing in popularity is the use of flexible pouches.

What Advantages do Flexible Pouches Bring to PPE Kits?

Here at CS Pouches we manufacture and convert a range of stand-up pouches that feature a three-sided seal. Ideal for single-use, they can be thrown away once they have been opened. DOY or K-seal and 3-sided-seal type pouches are available as re-sealable pouches, which makes them perfect for storing new kits, or kits which have been used - ready to be disposed of or washed.

The ability to print directly onto a pouch means that no additional paraphernalia is required to give instructions or general information about the products contained within the pouch.
CS Pouches print with only the best technology and boast an outstanding 1200 DPI. Printing photorealistic images onto the packaging allows your instructions to be clearer than ever with the use of info-graphics.

You can choose from a range of accessories for your pouches to make them safer for your requirements. For example; for applications where kits will be shipped, pouches which feature rounded corners will prevent envelopes tearing from the inside. Pouches are also available with zip seals, euro slots, tear notches, and clear windows to allow people to see the products inside the packaging (for clear materials).

All of our pouches are available to order in various materials and come either large or small - all of which feature some sort of barrier film. You can be confident in knowing that your Coronavirus PPE Kit remains unexposed to the outer of the pouch, or vice versa. They’re easy to print, easy to fill and are super compact for easy storage!

Is There a More Sustainable Option?

You may be concerned about the environment in relation to using disposable pouches, and the effects of producing extra waste in order to keep your PPE secure. However, our new Earth Range is fully recyclable and made of 100% plastic-free materials, so you can be sure your PPE kit is kind to the environment.  Currently available in 3-sided seal.

What’s The Cost?

We keep our pouches affordable for your business, by having no plate costs. Our minimum order volume is inclusive of multiple SKUs, so you can order a mix of different pouches without having to worry about ordering more than once. One of our recent clients SalonGuard produced a run of pouches with us which cater to British and American audiences using different SKU’s. In short, our prices vary between pouches, but we work to keep things affordable for our clients.

How Safe is it to Order These Pouches?

CS Pouches are the market leader in producing digitally printed flexible pouches. We have worked hard to make sure our processes and hygiene standards are as safe as possible during COVID-19 while keeping our lead times and high-quality products exactly the same as they have always been.

Our stockholding limit has been increased, so any delays won’t impact on getting supplies to our customers. We have put contingency plans in place to prevent supply chain failure. All of our team are working hard to support customers to the standard we’ve always strived to provide. This means you can order with confidence, knowing you will get high-quality printed pouches in good time, with the same great service we’ve always given.

If you’d like more information about how CS Pouches can help your business, contact our friendly advisors today by calling 01902 365840 or by emailing sales@cspouches.co.uk.

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