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Flexible Pouches for Cosmetic Packaging

Great packaging goes beyond simply making your products look nice. It represents your brand, conveys the morals of your business, and helps build loyalty with your customers. These reasons ultimately play a huge role in driving sales.

With flexible pouches becoming increasingly popular across all commercial industries including; health, beauty, and cosmetic goods, there has never been a more perfect time to make the move to pouch packaging. Here at CS Pouches, we manufacture and help design packaging for a diverse range of products.

Here are six reasons why our flexible pouches are the best for your cosmetic and personal care packaging needs:

Perfect for Subscription Boxes and Samples

Subscription boxes offer convenience, diversity, personalisation and value, some of the cornerstones for building customer loyalty. These days you can subscribe to receive just about anything, from assorted tea sets to beauty products!

Since the launch of Birchbox in 2010, subscription boxes have exploded in popularity! A press release from the Royal Mail estimates that by 2022, the subscription box economy will be worth £1 billion. What’s more, is this report was published before Covid-19 swept the nation. With high street shops closed and more customers turning to online shopping, the demand for subscription boxes will surely be accelerated.

Sample sachets and flexible pouches are the perfect packaging for cosmetic products destined for a subscription box, as they’re lightweight, compact and re-sealable. A more intuitive subscription package could even be contained within a giant pouch! They’re also still perfect for the shelf or being hung on a euro hook!

Portray that High-End Feel

With a range of different finishes available you can clearly capture a high-end feel with your product. Beauty products in particular can see amazing results by combining a matte finish with glossy highlights. This combination screams “luxury item” and will make your product stand out on any shelf.

With our flexible pouches, no additional labelling is required. We use 100% of the surface area which means you can communicate with your customers more effectively using stunningly high-resolution images.

Have you ever held a matt-black flexible pouch?  It feels luxurious!

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

CS Pouches strive for sustainability. Choosing to work with us means that your brand is choosing a sustainable packaging solution. Not only does this help build a better future for our planet, but it also helps build a better future for your business. Customers care about their impact on the environment and a product's packaging can certainly sway buying decisions.

Many beauty and care products are often packaged in bulky boxes sometimes containing excessive amounts of plastic. We aim to change the game by encouraging a greener approach to packaging.  Read our blog about why flexible packaging from CS Pouches has a lower carbon footprint here.

Pouches are Amazing for These Markets

Unlike other packaging solutions, flexible pouches are suitable for a diverse range of products such as creams, powders, lotions and even accessories like false eyelashes.
Pouches can be found across the personal care and cosmetics industry, some markets include:

  • Cosmetics manufacturers
  • Contract filling and co-packing operations
  • Cosmetic processing plants
  • Wholesale suppliers
  • Cosmetic distributors
  • Salons

Quality Assured

Our manufacturing environment is rated ‘AA’ by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), which is the highest possible rating given by the BRC auditors! This ensures that our packaging is compliant with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), adhering to the highest standards for food and product safety. What’s more, is, we only use the best printing technology with non-toxic dry toner, meaning that the materials used in our pouches have no harmful impact on consumers or the environment.

Get the Support You Need

Our Sales and Studio teams are always on hand to guide customers through the process, bringing our many years of expertise to your brand. We have over 40 years’ experience covering Production, Sales, Studio, Accounts, Quality and Management.

We’re confident that you’ll love our pouches and are happy to send you some free samples!

You can call us on 01902 365840 or drop us an email at sales@cspouches.co.uk. We look forward to working with you!

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