About T.Forrest

The T. Forrest brand dates back to pre-WW2 England spanning 5 family generations of animal feed specialists.  In their 80+ years of experience, they’ve continued to develop new ranges of natural food and pet treats using their traditional Northern values to include pets too! They understand that pet lovers want the absolute best in terms of nutrition and quality for their “fur babies”.

Why CS Pouches?

“We were looking online for packaging suppliers and CS came up on the search. After speaking with Emma and receiving pouch samples, we were really happy with the quality of what could be produced.  Paired with the outstanding customer service we received, we decided to place our first order consisting of three flavour variations of our dog-training treats.”  Charlotte - T. Forrest

The Importance of Understanding the Brand

At CS, understanding the brand’s drivers are always important.  We like to ask lots of questions to translate high expectations into reality.  With an established brand such as T. Forrest, the history behind the product is also really important and the focus is always to deliver consistency if that is the brief.

“They wanted to keep their brand identity which meant our studio had to carefully consider the colours on alternative materials.  It was important that the pouches were on brand with the rest of the range whose packaged totally differently.”  Emma - CS Pouches

Every Project Is Important!

Our pouches are all manufactured in-house.  This means that everything from scoping, art-working, printing, lamination and finally conversion all happens at our site, by our people.   It’s so important for us to delivery transparency to our customers and it gives us real control over the process, quality and feedback we’re able to give along the way.  It makes our job at managing pouch projects easier and great communication is something we understand is really valued.

“Charlotte and her team were really open to their options to enable us to provide them with the best packaging for their needs. They knew exactly what they wanted but were happy to take our lead on how to achieve it.  We supported them in terms of construction type – EVOH barrier with premium matt finish to offer protection from oxygen and moisture transmissions for their pet treats – no pooch wants a soggy biscuit!”. Emma - CS Pouches

“CS were always really responsive to any communication.   The team were always there and checked-in with us regularly to let us know how the job was progressing. We even received some footage of the pouches on the print run which was really exciting to see.  When it came to proofing the artwork and getting it ready for print, the team were really hands-on in making sure everything was right and letting us know how the design would suit and what needed to be tweaked to make sure it would all turn out well.”.  Charlotte - T. Forrest

It’s not just about manufacturing and supply, it’s about delivering a solution and relationship!

Whilst some start-up brands may not have requirements to return for their next project, many CS customers keep in touch with our teams to give insights into what is coming and often ask us for out input.  They know that by involving their packaging manufacturer, recommendations or suggestions can often save time further down the road.  We love to check in and see how what we supplied lived up to the expectations, get feedback and celebrate successes for our customers.  There’s nothing more exciting than recognising a product or brand on shop shelf or social media campaign!

“We received follow up emails after receiving the pouches to make sure we were happy and it was what we wanted.  We were looking for a trusted supplier and CS ticked every box, the quality was there, the customer service was great. Emma was lovely to work with; very friendly, happy, and good at her job  Most importantly the project met the deadlines which was so important to us.   We wanted to launch the new product smoothly and on time. The process was been nice and simple, and the whole team were very helpful.”Charlotte - T. Forrest

Why Would You Recommend CS Pouches?

“I would highly recommend CS Pouches if anyone is looking for a great digital pouch for your business.  They have a really nice, friendly team; quality is always there, they meet the deadlines, and are just great overall to work with.  As soon as the first order arrived, we placed another order.  The feedback on the pouches has been great!”.  Charlotte - T. Forrest

“Charlotte and the T. Forrest team were an absolute pleasure to work with and we were all thrilled to see the pictures of Bruno with the new pouches.”. 

Emma - CS Pouches

For more information about T. Forrest and how to order their amazing products, visit them at  

www.t-forrest.co.uk or follow their socials via @t.forrestltd

The Project

  • K seal pouch with zipper & tear notch
  • Pouches material: Matt PET/EVOH PE
  • Designs - x3