We Cook for Dogs!

We Cook for Dogs! has developed a number of healthy nutritional herb blends to compliment homemade recipes and meals for dogs.   The herb blends are something of a new concept, and form an integral part of their philosophy when it comes to helping people to home-cook for their dogs instead of feeding them unhealthy commercial dog food. The herb blends complete suggested recipes in a natural and healthy way that’s so much better for dogs than artificial additives and chemical preservatives.

Why CS Pouches?

We Cook for Dogs approached CS Labels because (as a new company), they needed to test the market with a broad range of products with minimal financial outlay.  CS delivers this exact services to companies ranging from small start-ups to large mulit-national FMCGs wanting to execute proof-of-concept projects.

The process...


The initial enquiry was for a couple of SKUs.  Once we were able to establish what was needed, we were able to advise on the best route forward on the most appropriate materials.  To take advantage of our digital processes, the number of SKUs increased and we supported our client with advice on their artwork changes.

cs labels we cook for dogs

packaging doesn't need
to be complicated!

"We found the entire process with CS Labels simple and straightforward, aided considerably by prompt and helpful communication throughout the entire process. This was our first foray into the printed pouch market so it was nice to have someone to advise and guide us along the way. Nothing seemed too much trouble with CS Labels and we felt we were in safe hands and that we knew exactly what we were going to get in the way of a finished product."

Gerald Pepin, Owner – We Cook for Dogs!

We enjoy working with businesses new to Flexible Pouches because of the journey we go through with them.  Being able to support their product launches in a way that also supports market testing is really rewarding for our customers, and for us to see their transitions from needs, through to their wants and being able to achieve their blue sky.  Our expertise allows us to give the best advice so that not only are they excited about their product, but they’re content that its packaging reflects their brand perfectly.

Andrew Mansfield – CS Labels

Why We Cook for Dogs recommends CS?

"We would recommend CS Labels as a supplier because of their professionalism and attention to detail."


"CS Labels has changed the way our product is marketed in so far as allowing us to initially market a wider range of products at a minimum of expense. Without CS Labels we were going to have to have one or two generic pouches printed and then overprint them with product-specific details. In addition to being time-consuming, this would have presented a less than professional image of our company. For the same financial outlay we were able to have ten individually branded pouches, which means we can market ten different products, each individually designed."

Gerald Pipin, Owner - We Cook for Dogs

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For more information follow We Cook for Dogs on twitter via @WeCookforDogs or visit their website at www.wecookfordogs.co.uk

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