CS Pouches Case Study – Nutreelife 2020

NutreeLife is a high-end nutrition brand supplying 100% vegan and plant-based products to market.   With a wealth of experience in the health industry, the products have been created to be accessible to anyone wanting to increase their protein intake as part of a healthy diet.  Various products are available from protein bars, snacks, powders and now the new burger mix range.

CS has supported Nutreelife's journey from  start-up to the international award-winning brand they are now.

Then and Now

Protein Powders Pouches

Back in 2017 and 2018 CS manufactured the packaging solution for Nutreelife’s protein bars and housed in stand-up K-seal pouches.  The initial project delivered continuous film for their bars and over 10k pouches across several different SKUs.  Read more about the original project HERE.

Fast forward to 2020.  The Nutreelife brand had grown significantly, and their portfolio was growing too.

CS Pouches Nutreelife Product Packaging

“I’d always kept in regular contact with Patrick at Nutreelife.  Things continued to develop here at CS and I knew that there were new technologies on the horizon that would deliver something truly exceptional for our flexible pouch customers.  CS could deliver the packaging solution for the Burger Mix and Mini’s ranges both at the same time saving time, cost, and energy, which of course is important for every company”

Andrew Mansfield – CS Pouches

The expansion of the Nutreelife brand to new ranges

With CS being an established, trusted supplier, our teams worked with Nutreelife’s designers without any complication, (this relationship is already established with a clear understanding of processes on both sides).  CS recommended some changes to the proposed material and size, and the partnership created the perfect pairing for the vegan brand.

The new range has been manufactured using an EVOH/clear polypropylene material with a barrier film and gloss finish.

"Our relationship with CS is really well established.  The way in which our requests and orders are considered by our Account Manager are with a very high level of professionalism.   Andrew really understands how to deliver a concept into a solution and our journey with CS so far has been fantastic!  The feedback on previous ranges, and now our new has been so positive.  It’s such a great feeling knowing that your products are represented in the best way." 

Patrick Mroczak – CEO & Founder - Nutreelife

digital at its best

The new range has benefited from CS’ growth and
experience since our maiden project.

The quality of print and the high-definition in the imagery is both
eye-catching and supports brand recognition.

Only digital print can truly present the small details, for example
the orange segments, breaks in the chocolate and
the texture of the burgers and their buns.

With any imagery of food, you want to look at it and imagine its taste before purchasing, and there is nothing more enticing than something delicious to eat!

Want to know more about Nutreelife’s product range of vegan friendly ranges?  Visit their website at HERE or follow them at @NutreeLifeUK on Twitter.