Empire Snacks – Read about how CS Pouches supported this artisan billtong brand to launch their 1st pouched product!

Empire Snacks is an artisan Biltong company.

With family recipe roots in Zimbabwe, the history and passion are
strikinglyobvious in their flavours and processes,
delivered through the I Am Carnivore brand name.

Why CS Pouches?

Other than the product, packaging is a key customer touchpoint as it not only holds the product but conveys the brand message and identity. As a startup business, we made the decision to launch with professional packaging from the on set, however, we encountered quite a few hurdles.  These included prohibitive MOQs, high costs and lengthy lead times in the U.K. We ended up speaking to two packaging manufacturers in China and after the first round of discussions, it was clear we needed a local partner. After some digging around, we found CS Labels who were located 10 minutes away from us - ironic!

Rob Mpayah– Empire Snack Company

Creating a new product or brand is a journey, take CS with you!

At CS, we understand that often our customers’ projects are their first and we always try and offer support and guidance.    Often brands speak to us in their infancy, but we’re always happy to join them on their journey to market.  It builds understanding, trust, and an extra appreciation for the project as a whole!  If they need more time, we’re patient, and when they’re ready to start, we simply pick things up without delay!

“The process was seamless, from the initial meeting, design, proofing through to delivery. What impressed us the most was that we made the initial enquiry in 2018.  The time since had been spent between product development, securing and refurbishing premises, legal sign offs and Brexit. CS Labels gave us the space to work on our projects but were ready to pick up from where we left and complete the project when we came up for air in 2020."

Rob Mpayah– Empire Snack Company





Considerations for food packaging

We always try to understand as much as possible about the product in which the pouch will be used.  In particular markets, for example food, drink, or chemicals, there are very specific rules and legislations to ensure that the product packaging is compliant.  These considerations often affect the design, so when working with a packaging manufacturer who understands this, it can be really beneficial to lean on that support to ensure that it’s fit for purpose in the marketplace.

“The suggestions CS Labels gave us were critical. We came in with basic requirements of food packaging, but left with design considerations for practicality and aesthetics. Having an expert like CS Labels as a packaging partner took the guess work out of it.   We came in with a list of 'nice to haves' design features. CS Labels said we could have them all as standard."

Rob Mpayah– Empire Snack Company

It’s not just a pouch, it’s a packaging solution!
Packaging shouldn’t be complex; and we always offer flexible pouch accessories for example:

  • Euroslots
  • Tear notches
  • Rounded corners
  • Zip seals
  • Windows (on specific material)
  • Gussets (for doy and k-seal pouches)

Our flexible pouch customers can decide what they’d like and these come at no additional cost.

Customer reactions matter both on and off the shelf!

Did you know that it takes less than 30 seconds for a consumer to make a decision on which product to pick up?   When we start a project, we always consider shelf appeal and recommend ways in which can draw attention.  For new brands, it’s super important to find a way to differentiate their products from others and that their customers will love.  It’s our job to support the transformation of an idea into reality.


"We sought a pouch that did not blend into the background. The design has had a great reaction from the retail partners we have presented it to, and our customer survey results attest to this. The design has turned out exactly as we wanted."

Rob Mpayah– Empire Snack Company

Why Empire Snacks recommend CS Pouches?

"CS Labels are big enough to cater to global brands and dextrous enough to manage and nurture start-up brands. The needs of the two are very different and how you treat your smallest customers reflects on how you treat all of your customers. CS Labels gave us the time and attention we would expect a big business to receive.

 The narrative for food business start-ups is often to focus on the product and take a shortcut on packaging, until you are big enough to get it made professionally. The solutions and expertise available at CS Labels mean you can launch with professional packaging right from the start."

CS Pouches successfully delivers projects for one-off products, established SMEs as well as global brands and everything in-between.  We have the expertise, knowledge, and technology to deliver time and time again.

The Empire Snacks range was created with gloss PET / EVOH PE barrier.  Printed with a 5-colour process on a 3-sided-seal construction with tear notches.

For more information about Empire Snacks and their range, visit www.iamcarnivore.co.uk

Or follow them on Facebook & Instagram  via @iamcarnivoreuk