Blendi Snacks

Mum and son team (Yvonne & Shane) founded their start-up Blendi in 2017 with a product range of dried vegetable smoothies.   In early 2019 they launched a new product range consisting of dried and flavoured garden pea and broad beans and Blendi Snack was born.  Their healthy and nutritional snack product is now award-winning.

Why CS Pouches?

Blendi made contact via CS’ website in early 2019 with just an artwork concept for their new packaging.  The material construction was undecided along with the artwork.  Digitally printed flexible pouches were new to Blendi and also relatively unique in the marketplace.  CS supported Blendi through each stage and helped to give a real understanding of their packaging requirements to ensure that the final product was exactly what they wanted and needed.

“As a start-up, it’s mind blowing the decisions you need to make when it comes to choosing your packaging.  CS made it easy, they took all of those questions away and gave us good, solid advice on what we needed. The quality and lead time were major priorities, so we understood that Digital pouches were our best option

Yvonne Dolan, Co-Founder - Blendi


Short-Run Printed Pouches - Blendi Snacks


Over the course of the project, the artwork evolved and CS supplied templates for Blendi to work with.  This allowed for a proof of concept to be visualised. This process eliminated the requirement for artwork changes and CS continued to focus on the quality of manufacturing.

The final pouch was agreed upon, along with the type (Doy pouch).  The sizing and material construction was confirmed, (gloss, lamintated PP), with a viewing window, Euro slot, and tear notches.  The material was printed and converted all in-house giving control and transparency to the runs as well as the ability to communicate status updates regularly.

“We totally understand that as a start-up, launching a new product is like setting sail on a maiden voyage into the unknown sea.  It can be stressful and worrying, and we wanted to take that pain away as much as possible.  We explained our understanding behind every question asked, we qualified every reply we received, and helped give confidence to our processes by communicating as regularly as possible.  It’s important for us to not only get it right, but for our customers to be excited about receiving their pouches”.

Andrew Mansfield – CS Pouches

"CS made it easy, they took all of those questions away and gave us good, solid advice on what we needed."

Why Blendi Snacks recommend CS

“CS gave us confidence from the start that our packaging was in good hands.  Also we had weekly updates, a quick nimble service, and the pricing really helped!  As a start-up, we needed to make a good impression from the start and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed”


Yvonne Dolan, Co-Founder - Blendi

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