Auto Finesse

Auto Finesse, originally JB’s Valeting Service established in 1999, in Hertfordshire, UK

They started as a modest car valeting company, providing mobile services to car owners in their local area.  The business gained a reputation for offering quality car care services on high-end vehicles, and quickly evolved their offering to car detailing capturing the market momentum as recognition within the industry developed.  In 2019 Auto Finesse is now a global brand with several hugely successful product ranges.

Why CS Pouches?

When Auto Finesse started their journey to launch a product range in 2011, their focus would be the affiliation with the high-end vehicles they specialised in. Much time was spent sourcing the right supplier who would be able to satisfy very distinct requirements as well as deliver consistent quality.

The start of something new.

When Auto Finesse appointed CS Labels, the business was in its infancy and it was their first batch of products, so executing a design for their product labels was an entirely new process.  The priorities were the branding, communicating the right message, and to limit any waste in terms of cost and product.

The design concept had been agreed, but often the translation can be flawed.  A prototype was developed and CS delivered a proof of concept giving a true example giving confidence in the product delivery.  The initial label order was for 1000 labels over 8 sorts and established a great relationship from the start.

Bespoke Digitally Printed Pouches Auto Finesse

How things have changed.

8 years on, Auto Finesse products are stocked in over a 1000 stores worldwide with CS as their primary label, and now pouch supplier for their Clay Bar product too.  Their annual spend is tenfold their first year and the team at CS still enjoy completing the processes for Auto Finesse products.

“CS Labels has been with us since the very beginning producing our first batch of product labels for the prototype and initial production run.  It’s not only the quality we have stuck around for, but the support in terms of working with us as we have grown from a ‘cottage industry’ into an international brand”

The Partnership

“CS Labels has supported Auto Finesse from grassroots to what the brand has become today, a household name among car enthusiasts. Through consistent levels of quality, to the support and advice a business needs to grow, we’ll be a loyal customer for years to come.”

Why would you recommend CS Labels?

“Support, plain and simple!”

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