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For years, pet food and treat manufacturers relied on cans. But thanks to pouches, pet food packaging is going through a revolution. CS Pouches’ pouches offer numerous advantages for both vendors and end-users, making them an increasingly preferable alternative. All of our pouches, including pet food and pet treat pouches, are BRCGS accredited to AA food as well as being ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 accredited. For more information on our pet food, pet toy and pet treat pouches, get in touch with us today to discuss your packaging!

Designing Your Bespoke Pet Food and Pet Treat Pouches

Thanks to our pouch printing technology, you can quickly and easily create compelling pouches that incentivise customers to buy. We use high-quality rotogravure printing that allows you to design your packaging and labels in the way that best suits your brand. Create vibrant colours and fonts that are true to your brand.

Legal Requirements

When it comes to packaging for your products, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest legal requirements. To ensure that your product’s packaging meets the latest legal requirements, visit the Government website by clicking here.

What Are the Benefits of Using Pet Food Pouches?

If you’re not using pouches for your wet food packaging yet, you’re missing out. Here are some of the advantages that it offers dog food packaging:

  • Durable and lightweight: Our pouches can withstand the rigours of the modern supply chain. They’re durable, thanks to their award-winning construction. And they’re lightweight because they eliminate the bulky metal of cans.
  • Multiple sizes: Whether you’re looking to sell large or small meals, our pouches can help. We offer multiple sizes for practically any application: suitable for both dogs and cats, as well as some other pets
  • Better visibility: Store staff can orientate pet food pouches to maximise the area your branding takes up on the shelf.
  • Suitability for all animals: From pets such as dogs, cats, fish & aqualife, hamsters, reptiles and beyond, flexible pouches are suitable for all sorts of products to feed and treat them.
  • BRCGS Accredited – All of the pouches produced

The Benefit of Using Pouches for Pet Treats

CS Pouches pet treat pouches also offer a host of additional benefits:

  • Better experience for the consumer: Consumers need to be able to open pet treat pouches, take what they need, and then quickly reseal them to keep them fresh. That’s why our pet treat pouches have a lip at the top of the pouch that consumers can reseal to keep food fresh between uses.
  • Appreciated by eco-conscious consumers: Consumers are becoming increasingly informed about the risks the products they buy pose to the environment. Using dog food pouches in the UK appeals to customers who want to ensure that their purchases embody the least carbon possible.
  • Better-protected products: Pouches protect products throughout the manufacturing process, reducing the likelihood of contamination.

Pouches Vs Cans

Cans were once the gold standard for pet food packaging in the UK. But there were problems with them. If a pet didn’t eat all their food in a single meal, consumers had to repackage the food in separate containers, something that public health professionals do not recommend refrigerating because of the mould risk.

Pouches from CS Pouches, however, eliminate this issue. Consumers can repeatedly reseal the pouches that they purchase, keeping food fresh inside. This feature is particularly important for pet treat pouches, where consumers need packaging that can open and close multiple times.

Switch your packaging to CS Pouches and start experiencing the benefits today.

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