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Why Partnering With CS Pouches Is The Best Move

If your company or brand produces any kind of product, one of the most important elements of consideration is always…

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custom pouches

5 Reasons why CS is the Best Supplier for Custom Pouches Across the UK

    CS Pouches is the name to trust for custom pouches in the UK. If you’re looking for high-quality,…

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Give your brand packaging the makeover it needs!

GIVE YOUR BRAND PACKAGING THE MAKEOVER IT NEEDS! Order from as little as 1000 pouches today*

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Things to consider before ordering

What Should I Consider Before Ordering Pouches?

  When manufacturers order pouches from CS Pouches; they receive only the best treatment, we like to get things done…

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Does your packaging need a redesign?

Does your Packaging Need a Redesign?

  The marketplace is an ever-evolving landscape, consumer trends and expectations drive huge amounts of sales. For this reason, it’s…

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Flexible Pouches for Cosmetic Packaging

CS Pouches for Cosmetic and Personal Care Packaging

Great packaging goes beyond simply making your products look nice. It represents your brand, conveys the morals of your business,…

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Flexible Packaging

Why Flexible Packaging is Great for Market Testing

An average of 30,000 new packaged products are introduced each year. While that might seem like a lot, what’s even…

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Flexible Pouches for Chilled Food Packaging

Ever considered flexible pouches for your chilled products?

Fitting your weekly shop into the fridge/freezer can sometimes feel like playing Tetris on hard mode. Bulky boxes taking up…

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CS Pouches Nutreelife Product Packaging

Product Packaging 101: Why Real Imagery is SO Important

  We’re told to not judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to product packaging, we simply…

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