Herbal Culture

Herbal Culture is a family run business, founded in 2018. 

The business began following a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle and feeling a concern for lack of energy.  A solution was discovered through self-education and motivation to create a signature product that tasted great and made everyone feel good too.

The focus has always been to offer customers the chance to make their own tea at affordable prices. The Herbal Culture website allows customers to view each ingredient with its known health benefits, choose their ingredients and name their tea blend.  Other core products are the Fitness and Detox, Signature Blends, World Blends, as well as ‘#make your own tea’.

Why CS Pouches?

“Branding is one of the biggest influence in our business, therefore, the packaging is a key feature in promoting who we are what we offer to our customers and potential customers.  Flexible packaging was what we always envisaged for our product, especially as we began by offering 'loose leaf tea', so we needed packaging that would keep our blends as fresh as possible. We now also offer our tea in sealed tea bags, and whilst they may not necessarily require a flexible pouch, it does allow our customers to seal the bag after each use which stills keeps the tea as fresh as possible. 

Initially contacted companies in China, however, we did not feel convinced in their capabilities or their knowledge within the printing industry. There were conversations with another company based in the UK, however, we didn’t gain the same confidence as we did when we spoke with CS (who were found via a Google search). They knew what they were talking about both in terms of technical specifications and also what would suit our product best."

Zoe Michael – Herbal Culture

“We were approached by Herbal Culture and immediately identified a great fit for what we do against their requirements.  As we’re experienced with start-up companies we understood the challenges and took the time to explain the costings and each step to ensure they were comfortable and confident.  This allowed them to enjoy the process of launching their new product.  Initially we were over their budget, however, once we had explained that our quote did not have any additional tooling, plates, or setup fees, our prices were competitive.  Coupled with being an award-winning UK based company, and a business that is accessible for help and support, I think it made us the best choice for them.”

Andrew Mansfield – CS Pouches


  • Start-up company
  • New product to market
  • Inexperienced with pouches
  • Low order quantities
  • Budget limitations
  • Low-quality artwork

Herbal Culture hadn’t considered digital until discovering CS Pouches.  As with all CS customers, supporting them through the process is standard, but when it’s a new business launching a new product it's important to ensure that the right questions are asked to build the right product.  Every avenue is explored to ensure the customer’s vision is executed as perfectly as possible.

The solution

As Herbal Culture were new to digital, it was important to explain each stage to instil confidence in each decision allowing the process to flow very naturally. Their decision to award the business to us was reliant in us managing every element of this closely, and communication was key.

The CS studio team immediately understood the brand message the Herbal Culture wanted to project and set about translating the artwork into a pouch design.   A window was also implemented into the artwork for consumers to see the physical product.  Through discussion, it was agreed that the most appropriate material to use would be a clear PE EVOH.  The final design worked perfectly.

"Initially we were unaware of digital printing, however after conversations with CS we understood that as a small start-up company this seemed the best option for us. If we’d opted for a traditional printing method we would have had plate and tooling costs, but going down the digital route allowed us order in smaller volumes without the cost implications with every future design change. We were also happy with material recommended as it keeps the products fresh.”

CS Digitally Printed Pouches Herbal Culture

CS Labels has been perfect for us!

CS Pouches Herbal Culture

"The quality of our packaging is amazing and we have received 100% positive feedback on it. The CS team worked closely with us to go through all the different options available, they supported us in overlooking our design and making changes prior to printing. Our Account Manager was also a big part of our decision choosing CS.  So knowledgeable and we’ve learnt a lot about packaging during the process. Whilst we understand tea and other aspects of our business, packaging was the one area we lacked knowledge.  Through the process, CS gave us the most confidence in digitally printed pouches and also in their ability to deliver.  We were overwhelmed with excitement when we received the final products.  As a start-up company, we’d highly recommend CS!”

Herbal Culture intensively researches health benefits and use their knowledge and expertise to formulate organic teas.

Their slogan is Healthy Tasty Tea!  It’s what they believe in and offer.  For more information, please visit the Herbal Culture website at www.herbalculture.co.uk or follow them on social media via @HerbalCultureTea.

For more information on how CS Pouches can deliver your brand and products with digitally produced flexible pouches, call us on 01902 365840 or email at sales@flexiblepouches.co.uk.

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