7 Questions to Ask Before Deciding on a Printed Pouch

questions ask yourself before deciding on a printed pouch

What are you Using the Pouch for?

Pouch packaging is used for various products, including foods, drinks, cosmetics, medical, industrial liquids, etc. Because they are made from plastic, metal foil (aluminium), METPET, some amount of paper, and other food-grade materials, they are versatile for many products. Carrying out some research will help you identify which type suits your product. However, it would help if you were guided on some factors such as the following:

  • Is the product meant to be displayed in a retail environment?
  • Is it a reusable product or a one-time use?
  • What kind of food or drink do you intend to pack in a pouch?

Below are two examples of some products and the most suitable pouch material to use:


  • Biscuits: Humidity is a significant factor for biscuit degradation. Therefore, a pouch made from MET PET material is ideal.
  • Cosmetic pots and tubes: The products are already protected and instead of traditional boxes, pouches can include accessories such as brushes. Also, the requirement for additional paraphernalia isn’t required - all required information can be printed directly onto the pouch itself.  Any material is suitable from a PE, METPET or even paper!
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Which is the Best Printed Pouch Option?

Every flexible printed pouch is designed to suit a particular purpose. So the ‘best’ pouch is the pouch that is most suited to each unique application - there isn’t a single go-to solution, but some of the options include the following:

  • Stand-up pouch
  • Flat barrier bags
  • Flexible pouches
  • Spouted stand-up pouches
  • Flat bottom bags

Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the best option would be what suits your product most, without it being complicated for the consumer.  If you’re unsure, speak to our team - we’ll explain the benefits of each pouch type and advise on what we can offer.

Are Printed Pouches the Best Packaging Option Available?

Aside from being lightweight and saving the end-user storage space, printed pouches use minimal resources as required by other packaging options. Additionally, they can contain the same amount or volume of a product as most other kinds of packaging. These features make printed pouches the best packaging option available.

Furthermore, with an increased interest in sustainability and the rising need for consumers to be able to see the exact product a package contains, the printed pouch offers uninhibited visibility. Information on ingredients, shelf life, manufacturing date, etc., are spelt out clearly. More importantly, because printing quality is uncompromised, the ability to print finer details means designers can fully utilise the space available with small print.

printed pouch

How are Flexible Pouches a Better Alternative?

First and foremost, pouches are convenient, reusable, recyclable and most importantly, eco-friendly. In addition to all these inherent properties, they contribute to increasing product sales.

What are the Benefits of Pouch Packaging?

There are several benefits of using flexible printed pouch packaging, including:


  • Safety - Pouches are resilient and less prone to damage
  • Reusability - Packaging is fit-for-purpose
  • Protection - Product content is less affected by external factors and remains suitable for consumption
  • Appeal - This packaging is visually pleasing and presents the product in the best possible way on the shelf
  • Sustainability - Pouch packaging is reusable and has a low carbon footprint, and saves space in storage

How Environmentally Friendly are Printed Pouches?

A survey by Environment Leader revealed that out of 74% of consumers advocating for sustainable packaging, more than a quarter of those asked are ready to pay for a 10% increase in product cost. As people become more enlightened on product packaging, more awareness is raised around pouch packaging design.

According to The Guardian, more than half of UK consumers are willing to pay more for packaging if that means avoiding materials that aren’t environmentally friendly. Digitally printed flexible packaging from CS Pouches is a better alternative because of its low carbon footprint.

Over the years, more people have become conversant with product packaging and its effects on the environment, especially regarding reusability.  The discussion has always focused on innovative ways to satisfy customer expectations.

However, “environmentally friendly” is about much more than the material in which your packaging is manufactured. It’s about the process and how environmentally considered. Read more HERE:

Digitally Printed Recycle Pouches

What Type of Quality Control Would I get When Ordering a Pouch?

CS completes countless quality control evaluations during the course of manufacturing processes including (but not limited to):

  • Inspected in Studio (Artwork and Technical Drawing)
  • Production team inspect against proofs and drawings, sign off to be printed
  • The production team inspect the first print off against the end print off for colour and quality
  • All pouches are manually inspected during the run for physical/visual defects + measured against technical drawing
  • Periodic pressure tests
  • Once run is completed an inspection is then undertaken by the QC team

For manufacturers and consumers, the printed pouch packaging is the best option. Hopefully, more people will see the need to adopt this packaging system to save costs and increase speed to market. Prepared to take your business to the next level with printed pouches? Click here to read why partnering with CS Pouches is the best move for your business.


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