5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Size of Your Pouch Packaging

Pouch Packaging

If you’re looking for product packaging and considering different stand-up pouch packaging manufacturers, then you know how important finding the right one is. You want it to hold your product and promote a positive image of your company.

The right pouch will help you save money on packaging, protect what you put inside, and stand out against the competition. In order to choose the best pouch for your products, there are a few things that you need to know first.

Finding The Right Size

When you are looking through different pouches and trying to decide on the right size for your product, you should know a few things. The dimensions are always listed with width first and then followed by height and gusset.

You know a gusset is included if there is a third dimension listed. If there is a gusset, then you will get an accurate reading on the size if you open the pouch and measure it from side to side.

The dimensions are also taken from the outside which may impact which size you need since the outside measurements will not tell you how much space you can fill. You shouldn’t count on being able to fit a product that is the same size as the pouch. You must consider all dimensions to include the ziplock closure and tear notches.

Checking Product Volume

Once you know the 5 Things to Consider when Choosing the Size of Your Pouch Packaging size of the pouch, then you need to know how much room your product requires. The amount of space you need for your product will hinge on the type of product. Smaller items will take up less space than larger items of the same amount. It’s a good idea to test your product in a few different pouches before making a final decision.

If you are advertising that you are selling 8 ounces of a product, then you will need a pouch that will fit 8 ounces easily. When it comes to specific products, 8 ounces of granola is going to take up a lot more room because it’s bulkier than 8 ounces of beads. Testing capacities prior to ordering is one of the most important things to do. Once you know that your product will fit, consider how it’s stored and transported and that your pouch packaging has enough space for comfortable product movement.

How Are Your Pouches Filled?

You will need to consider whether you fill your pouch packaging by hand or with an automated process as well. You may need a different size, thickness, or type of material based on how the pouches get filled. An automatic filler will use more force, so you will need a sturdier construction.

Pouch Packaging Style

In addition to the practical things that will help you decide on a pouch, you also need to consider the different pouch packaging styles. Pouches come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and other features. You need to find a pouch that will reflect your brand.

You spend time cultivating an image for your company, and you want the product's packaging to reflect that. People should be able to look at your product in its packaging and associate it with what they already know about your company. This could be shape, colour, pattern, digital printed pouches, or any other details.

Minimum Order Requirements

Another thing you need to think about when ordering pouches is how many you will need within a given time frame and if the company has a minimum order requirement. If your volume is pretty low, then you don’t want to be stuck with too many pouches that you may never use. Be sure to check to make sure that the number you need to order will be easy to find at different pouch packaging manufacturers.

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