5 Important Things to Consider Before Deciding How to Package Your New Product

Pacakge Your New Product

Primarily focusing on the product and forgetting the packaging is a common mistake that marketers make. Selling a product with the correct packaging is critical if you want your items to go safely from your warehouse to the retail shelf and finally to the customer’s home.

Before rushing into things, it’s important to take a moment to consider what things are necessary for product’s packaging, as you don’t want to miss out on any essential information because this will hinder your success.

Keep on reading to familiarise yourself with these 5 important things you’ll need to consider before deciding how to package your new product.

What Do Customers Want and Need?

Simple packaging is key as nobody wants to spend a lot of time figuring out how to remove the product’s packaging. Going overboard and using hard to handle packaging will just result in customers struggling to take it home. Frustrating your customers before they’ve even tested your product is not good as the customer is less likely to enjoy the item when they eventually get it out of the packaging.

You also want to consider the colour scheme of the packaging. A boring colour scheme informs customers that your product is boring. A bright and interesting colour scheme will make your product more appealing, and therefore, more consumers are going to take it off the retail shelf. Remember not to go colour-mad either since using extremely bright colours can be overwhelming (it also shows you are unprofessional).

Is It Flexible?

Flexibility offers so much value. Opt for packaging that can work with product promotions and SKU changes such as printed pouches. Utilising print-on-demand pouches will improve the flexibility and performance of your marketing.

Does It Accurately Reflect the Product?

Packaging should represent the product inside and communicate the values of the brand and its position in the market. Lying paves, the way for a dissatisfied customer. For instance, if the picture of the product on the packaging looks better than the actual product your customers are going to be disappointed and angry at you for deceiving them.

Is It Suitable for Travel?

Whether you are selling nationwide or internationally, your product needs to be protected by the packaging. If your product is easily damaged, use a specialist material that will provide effective protection. Don’t buy cheap materials as they are usually weak and may rupture while the product is out for delivery - a customer who receives a battered product on their doorstep is not going to be impressed.

Is It Fit for Your Target Audience?

You can’t appeal to everyone but at least try your hardest to appease those who are going to be interested in your product. Catering to your ideal customers is your best bet if you want to make a profit. For example, if your target market is environmentalists, you need eco-friendly packaging. Creating questionnaires and trialling your packaging before bringing it to the market is a good way to get an idea of what your target audience wants to see.

Packaging is a crucial element in marketing and can’t be neglected. To effectively market your product choose packaging that is aligned with customer needs and wants, flexible, suitable for travel, fit for your target audience and that accurately reflects the product inside. If you adhere to these criteria, your marketing will run smoothly.

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